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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Asking a K-8 student

I asked my sister an eighth grader at Oakland middle school what she thought about technology in the classroom. She's kind of a tech freak so her answer didn't come as a real shock. She said the school needs to implement more technology and use it more frequently. She pointed out that doctors and veterinarians use computers all the time, and if thats going to be her future job she should know how to use them as well as possible.

I think that if given the funding iPads could be huge for school systems. They can be used to answer questions in class like clickers so the whole class doesn't have to know if you were the one who was wrong or right, but the teacher can look back and see which child might need more help. Also they can be used to let each child view and or hear something up close. This will accommodate all students needs.

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