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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Creative Commons

This video discusses the usage of a new copyright tool that will allow people to share their creativity online, in the way they want to share it. It's a video titled, "Wanna Work Together" by a Mr./Mrs. Lessig. I agree that it can be beneficial to let others use one's work and modify it and think this is a great tool for teaching in the classroom by using other people's work and redefining or possibly reimagining what they meant by it. So you can take somebody else's work and put a different spin on it use it to your strengths. My mother who is a phenomenal english and language arts teacher would always swap lesson plans with Mr. Bjork who was a math guru. This helped out her math teaching and strongly improved his english teaching skills.

As an educator this would be a great way to download my own great lesson plans for other teachers to use, and hopefully find some great lesson plans for subjects that I may not be as strong in. This would also be a great way to get other articles of reading for my students, artwork, music, etc for them to view and take away from. I think this website and Symbaloo would be great tools for teaching in the classroom.

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