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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Txting is killing language!!! Jk

In this article, "Txting is Killing Language" by John McWhorter, the author defends texting and its place in today's english speech/writing. He believes that texting isn't killing the english language, but actually creating its own place and meaning in our language. I do agree with the fact that some words like "lol" and "jk" are becoming words themselves but I don't agree with the idea that this is a good thing. These children who are starting to have over usage of those words will hopefully one day attend college. My college professors didn't want to be talked to like that, and I know that most employers don't want to see that on a resumé.

I don't think email is on the way out for one reason simply, most people don't want everybody to have their phone numbers. I don't want some people to communicate with me through my phone because I always have it on me, so I might give them my email. Professors don't want students texting and calling them all the time so they are given their Mtsu email and D2L email. I don't think we are seeing texting ruining the english language either, but I do think we are seeing more common mistakes in everyday student writing, and I think some of that can be contributed to texting.

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