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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Vocab Teach for Toddlers

"Vocab Teach for Toddlers" by Lynn Neary was my favorite part of this assignment because I love the idea of early teaching Vocabulary. This article is all about using Sesame Street to teach vocabulary words and patterns. The author does a great job of discussing how kids are always on the go with their parents, and a good educational way to keep them busy is by letting them use an app on an iPad to learn new words.

Growing up as a child we couldn't afford an iPad or a laptop or anything like that. My parents and grandfather read to me religiously though, and that helped me gain an early and large grasp of vocabulary comparatively to my peers. Not only did this give me an advantage when entering elementary school but it kept my reading level higher all throughout grade school. I think its ideal to teach vocabulary at an early age and if you can do it while your shopping at the grocery store or driving to drop the kids off at grandma's for the weekend it be nice for them to keep themselves busy on an iPad while still learning.

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